Seth Paul Wilmor

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A Ring Blessing

The cycles of Creation orbit us
in our sanctuary of spruce, hemlock,
moss, and earth; the soles of our feet
are linked to the land of the Coast Salish peoples.
The circles our spirits have made
around one another are synced
through the exchange of these rings.
Your eyes hold mine; mine yours.

Together, we’ve rounded
this hemisphere:
South to North, West to East.
We’ve whirled as seeds
upon winds of growth,
beneath storms of loss.
Today, we stand as trees
joined at our roots:
when I deplete, you sustain me;
when you stumble, I hold you upright.
Together, we tower into the canopy.

May our bond hold
the love, grace, and wisdom
taught by those encircling us.
May we be filled by their sacred gifts
and overflow hope and care
beginning in this forest,
cresting these mountains,
and surging like currents
to the farthest deserts and seas.

Together, may we hold peace
for families, friends, and neighbors.
May we foster inclusivity among strangers,
union amidst division,
and clarity in times of ignorance.
May we pass these gifts down
to those for whom we will one day
hold circles around.